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Scout is one of the Classes found in the Horde mode.


The Scout is a close range combatant who earns extra Power during combat, and has perks to further increase the amount of Power they earn.


Skill Cards

Name Description
Brawler Deal increased melee damage, and gain melee reduction.
Deposit Bonus Earn more Power when depositing at the Fabricator.
Energize When you pick up Power, it also gives you health.
Health Boost Increase your base health.
Health Regeneration Boost Increase the rate of health regeneration.
Pickup Distance Increase the distance from which you pick up Power.
Rage A percentage of melee and shotgun damage is returned to you as health.
Shotgun Capacity Carry more shotgun ammo.
Shotgun Damage Deal more damage with Shotguns.
Shotgun Magazine Shotguns carry more ammo in a magazine.
Speed Boost Your base movement speed is increased.
X-Ray See enemies through walls

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