Kait Diaz

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Kait Diaz
Kait Diaz.png
Gender: Female
Faction: Outsiders
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Kait Diaz is one of the Characters in the game Gears of War 4. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.


In conrast to JD and Del, Kait did not run away from home. She's has always been an Outsider. Kaithas extensive knowledge about how to live off the land. She's a headstrong survivalist who has a strong connection to JD in spite of her mother Reyna's disapproval. During Gears of War 4, Reyna and the rest of Kait's village is abducted by the Swarm, leaving Kait, JD, and Del to pursue them. During a co-op campaign, Kait will be a selectable character for the second player.

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