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Engineer is one of the Classes found in the Horde mode.


The Engineer builds and maintains the defenses you create. They start with a Repair Tool, which is mandatory when wanting to repair fortifications.


Skill Cards

Name Description
Barrier Cost Lowers the price of Barriers.
Barrier Health Increases health of Barriers, in 10% increments.
Decoy Cost Lower the price of Decoys.
Decoy Health Increase Decoy health, in 20% increments.
Repair Boost Increase the speed of repairs, and makes them cheaper.
Sentry Capacity Increase Sentry ammo in 10% increments.
Sentry Cost Lowers the cost of sentries.
Sentry Speed Increase the fire speed of a Sentry.
Turret Cost Lowers the cost of Turrets.
Turret Health Increase Turret health, in 20% increments.
Weapons Locker Cost Lower the cost of Weapons Lockers.

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